Fascinating world of corals

Underwater world

Since 2006 reefness brings together the resting zones of the oceans with the recreation areas of people. Over 30,000 liters in various made-to-measure aquariums. Each aquarium is unique.


Have a look into our earth's origins. Corals are messengers from days long forgotten. Founders of a breathtaking underwater world. Rich in beauty and mysteries. A fascinating natural spectacle that will never let go of its beholder.


Life in the biosphere. Sunrises and the motion of clouds, moon phases and currents. With the latest technology, a coral reef is created in a saltwater aquarium. A unique habitat for its residents. An exclusive experience of nature for the observer.


Rendezvous with life. Discover something new every day. Experience the growth of the coral world. Be part of the process of creating a saltwater aquarium. Silent observation is followed by an unexpected treasure trove of knowledge.


Contribution to species protection. An image of nature can only be created with a special know-how. As well as through the colonization with species-appropriately kept animals of certified European importers.


„reefness® stands for exclusiveness and creativity: the interplay of visionaries, architects and biologists enables us to design unique recreation areas.“

Dipl.-Ing. Laszlo Kovacs

„Finding a unique solution from the diversity: The sea has always had a tremendous attraction to me. As a project manager, it gives me great pleasure to make this natural fascination possible in the form of an aquarium.“

Mag.FH Francisco Somborn


Conceptual design, planning, construction (fresh and salt water)

  • We accompany customers already in the planning phase of the building to create the best conditions for the later installation of the aquarium.
  • We offer help with finding the right shape, dimensioning and design of your aquarium dream.
  • Total construction from one source including supervision over the first weeks respective months.


  • Regular care and maintenance of your aquarium, whether full-service or only in supportive form.
  • Short-term care during your holiday.

Rental aquariums

  • There is also the possibility for our business customers to rent a freshwater or saltwater tank.


  • Even in the case of tanks with technical or biological problems, we can help and offer a renovation, repair or replacement.


  • In emergencies, we are always available to our customers.

Reference 1

Customer GmbH Requirement Room divider, foyer and office space design
Address Schönbrunner Straße 218-220, 1120 Wien Particularity 5 aquariums between 250 and 2.500 Liter
Customer Prangl GmbH Requirement Foyer space design
Address Richard-Tauber-Gasse 9, 1230 Wien
In cooperation with Mascha und Seethaler ZT GmbH
Particularity 2500 liter coral reef aquarium as panorama; Filter-systems in basement
Customer Retiree residental home Simmering Requirement Lounge design
Address Dittmanngasse 5, 1110 Wien
In cooperation with Weichenberger Architects
Particularity 1500 liter round-sighted coral reef tank with rounded discs
Customer Private Family Requirement Divider between living and dining room
Address Hennersdorf Particularity 3000 liters coral reef aquarium, Filter-systems in basement
Customer enthusiastic divers Requirement Window in the Pacific
Address 1010 Wien Particularity 500 liters coral reef aquarium, rounded acrylglas, anchored to the wall due to “Altbau”-static conditions


From the idea to realization to the maintenance: Everything from a single source! Together with the client our team of experts consisting of biologists and technicians plan a made-to-measure aquarium. The technical requirements always correspond to the biological needs and scientific findings. Once set up, the service team regularly looks after the aquarium.

Franz Fuchs

Managing director and project manager

Stefan Rösler, MSc

Head of maintenance and logistics

Lukas Fuxjäger, MSc

Maintenance specialist

Anna Gschwandner, MSc

Laboratory management and R & D

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